/Download Karbonn Stock Rom For All Model

Download Karbonn Stock Rom For All Model

Download Karbonn Mobile Flash file/ Stock ROM/ Firmware which is tested. Only Karbonn Android Firmware has been listed. Most of the Handsets have been powered by MTK or SPD CPU.
MTK CPU can be flashed using SP Flash Tool. Before flashing install MTK driver, so that mobile get detected by PC.
Check steps to install MTK Driver
On the other side, the SPD CPU can be flashed by using SPD Tool.
Before flashing make sure that Mobile has been switched off and has been charged up to 30-40 percent to support flashing of Karbonn Mobiles.
No need to search for Flash tool as the Download file consists of Flash tool, Firmware & driver.
If your Karbonn Android mobile is not getting identified by tool or does not appear in device manager, then install the driver to get it identified by Flash tool.
Most of the Karbonn Android mobile has a different version of the firmware. So, to protect your Karbonn Android, download the correct file by checking Software & Hardware version of your Karbonn Mobile or Tablet.


Karbonn mobile Flash File
Alfa A99 s405 v07 (SP Tool) Download
Alfa A90 3G v05 (SPD Tool) Download
Alfa A90 3G NLCD v01 (SPD Tool) Download
Fashion Eye v07 Download
K9 Smart v004 Download
K9 Smart v005 Download
Titanium S21 v10 Download
Titanium S35 v001060 Download
Titanium MachOne Plus L105 Download
Mach Five L104 Download
Mach Five L116 Download
Mach Five L120 Download
Titanium S10 L106 Download
Titanium Hexa v2.3 Download
A1 Plus Champ 3G v1004 Download
A110 v13 Download
A34 HD Star Download
A1 Plus Super v0.0.4 Download
A1 Plus Super v1002 Download
Titanium S320 QHD v023 Download
Titanium S204 v0.8.2 Download
Titanium S25 v010 Download
Titanium S15 Ultra v05 Download
A108 v006 Download
A66 v1013 Download
A52 Plus v01004 Download
A51Q Download
A52 Lite v1004 Download
A50S Download
A50 v2.2 Download
A50 v2.3 20130701 Download
A50 v2.3 20130723 Download
A50 v2.5 Download
A40 v1005 Download
A35 MT6572 v1.11 Download
A35 v1.04 Download
A35 v1.05 Download
A35 v1.11 Download
A30 v0005 Download
A30 v0010 Download
A30 v0011 Download
A29 v1.5 Download
A27 Plus v0007 Download
A27 OTA Download
A19 Plus v1007 Download
A19 Final Download
A19 v0007 Download
A19 v0013 Download
A19 v1004 Download
A19 v1008 Download
A19 v1011 Download
A18 Tuna S04a Utl L17En 213 Download
A18 Plus v006 Download
A16 v206 Download
A15 v000207 Download
A15 Plus v004 Download
A11 Star v1008 Download
A11 v8.0.4 Download
A11 Plus v06 Download
A5 Star v1.0.7 Download
A4 v006 Download
A4 Plus R09 Download
A4 Plus R15 Download
A3 v03 Download
A3 Star v11 Download
A3 Plus v07 Download
A3 Plus v12 Download
A1 Star 2013-6-19 Download
A1 Star 2013-9-23 Download
A1 Pro v1.5 Download
A2 MT6575 Download
A2 v009 Download
A2 v010 Download
A1 Plus Duple R02 Download
A1 Plus Duple R03 Download
A1 Plus Duple R06 Download
A1 Plus Champ v1005 Download
A1 Plus Champ v1008 Download
A1 N721 Download
Titanium S1 v000030 Download
A111 v000205 Download
A111 v000207 Download
A111 v006011 Download
Titanium S360 v005 Download
Titanium S360 v013 Download
A9s v9 Download
A8 v000082 Download
A7 Star R09 Download
A7 Star R10 Download
A7 Star R11 Download
A6 Plus v1.5 Download
A6 v1.1 Download
A6 v1.6 Download
Titanium S15 Plus v1010 02042015 Download
A8 Plus v1009 Download
A14 Plus v007 Download
A40 Plus v1005 Download
A96 MT6572 Download
A202 v1006 Download
Aura 9 v1009 Download
S109 v1004 Download
Titanium S200 HD v06 Download
Titanium S200 HD v09 Download
A1 Champ 3G v1002 Download
A106 v1007 Download
A105 v09 Download
A2 Star v1005 Download
Alfa A91 Champ v03 (SPD tool) Download
Alfa A91 Power v09 (SPD tool) Download
Alfa A91 Storm v11 (SPD tool) Download
Titanium Mach Six VR v06 Download
Titanium Mach Six VR v12 Download
K9 Smart v009 Download
K9 Smart v018 Download
Titanium S205 (2 GB) v010 Download
A6 v1.13 Download
A6 v1.16 Download
A6 v1.17 Download
A6 v1.20 Download
A6 v1.21 Download
A6 v1.22 GT960 Download
A6 v1.22 GT868 Download
A5s v1013 Download
A5s v1014 Download
A5s v1016 Download
A5s v01004 Kitkat OS Download
A51 Plus QY A350 Download
A51 Plus v1006 Download
A51 Plus v01005 Kitkat Download
A5 Turbo Download
A51 Lite Download
A51 v1.10 Download
A51 v1.11 Download
A51 v1.12 Download
A51 v1.15 Download
A25 v1.0 7640B0313 Download
A25 v1.0 8284B0415 Download
A25 v1.0 8865B0626 Download
A21 Plus R05 Band15 Download
A21 v000223 Download
A21 v000230 Download
A21 v000316 Download
A21 v006005 Download
A20 v012 Download
A20 v016 OTA Download
A12 Star v01001 Download
A12 R20 R11 Download
A10 20130531 Download
A10 MT6577 Download
A1 Plus v2.0.2 Download
A1 Plus v2.0.3 Download
A1 Plus v2.0.5 Download
A1 Plus v2.0.7 Download
A1 Plus v2.0.8 Download
A1 Plus v2.1.3 Download
A9 Star v10 Download
A9 Plus v000217 Download
A9 Plus v000225 Download
Titanium S6 OTA Download
Titanium S6 v1009 Download
A99i v006 Download
A99 v007 Download
A99 v009 Download
A99 v010 Download
A99 Star v08 Download
A99 Star Final Download
A95 v2.3 Download
A93 v1.7 Download
A92 Star v01001 Download
A92 Plus v1007 Download
A92 201937 Download
A92 091321 Download
A92 085129 Download
A92 174402 Download
A91 Download
A90s v1005 Download
A90s v1.06 Download
A90 RC03 Download
A90 RC05 Download
A90 RC06 Download
A9 OTA Download
A80 v1020 Download
A7 Plus v3040 Download
A7 v0316 Download
A5i v006055 Download
A55i Download
A55 Download
A5 Plus v3040 Download
A5 v3018 Download
A26 v1.1 Download
A26 v201 Download
A26 v2.2 Download
A25 Plus Download
A240 v1004 Download
A14 v1005 Download
A12 Plus R07 Download
A119 v0002 Download
A119 v0004 Kitkat Download
A101 v1.6 Download
A101 v1.5 Kitkat Download
Titanium S15 Plus v1010 24-7-2015 Download
A14 Plus v1003 Download
A81 2GB v2.0 Download
A108 Plus v1009 Download
A307 v1005 Download
Titanium S11 v1004 Download
Smart Tab 10 2013-04-08 Download
A81 Star v1.5 Download
A6 Turbo 3G v004 Download
Quattro L45 IPS v1008 Download
Quattro L50 HD v1.0B03 Download
Alfa A93 Pop v009 (SP tool) Download
Aura Power v14LV Download
K9 Smart v020 Download
K9 Smart 1GB v05 Download
A100 v10 ZY03 Y01 v0.6 Download
Sparkle V 015427 Download
Sparkle V Lollipop Download
Opium N9 OTA 20140523 Download
Opium N9 v21 Download
A52 20140224 Download
A39 TAB Download
A39 HD TAB Download
A37 HD Download
A37 26/2/2013 Download
A37 v14 Download
A36 21-11-2013 Download
A34 Lite Download
A34 HD Tafone v04 Download
A34 C v01 Download
A34 V500 v01 Download
A2 Plus Download
A120 L102 Download
Smart Tab 72 Download
Smart Tab 52 Download
Smart Tab 9 Download
Smart Tab 8 20121204 Download
Smart Tab 8 20130409 Download
Smart Tab 7 Download
Smart Tab 10 Download
Smart Tab 3 Download
Smart Tab 2 20121220 Download
Smart Tab 1 Download
Smart Tab 1 30/7/12 Download
Smart Tab 1 121219 Download
Smart Tab 1 OLD Download
Titanium S19 L103 Download
Titanium S19 L105 Download
Titanium S19 L106 Download
Titanium S19 L109 Download
Titanium S1 Plus 20140612 Download
Titanium S1 Plus 20140703 Download
Platinum P9 v1020 Download
Titanium S203 SW08 Download
Titanium X Download
Titanium Wind W4 Download
Titanium S9 Lite s05 Download
Titanium S9 v001019 Download
Titanium S8 v1010 v1010 Download
Titanium S7 v3 Download
Titanium S5i v001016 Download
Titanium S5i v001012 Download
Titanium S5 v006068 Download
Titanium S5 v006145 Download
Titanium S5 v006397 Download
Titanium S4 v1.2 Download
Titanium S4 Plus v1005 Download
Titanium S315 v13 Download
Titanium S5 plus Download
Titanium S30 v08 Download
Titanium S29 Elite v019043 Download
Titanium S20 v004 Download
Titanium S2 Plus v008 Download
Titanium S2 Download
Titanium Octane Plus v009061 Download
Titanium Octane Plus v019181 Download
Titanium Octane Plus v031005 Download
Titanium Octane v019139 Download
Titanium Octane v019147 Download
Titanium Octane v019174 Download
Titanium Octane v031015 Download
Opium N7 v12 Download
A104 v005 Download
Titanium S201 v000032 Download
Titanium S201 v010103 Download
Titanium S3 Download
Titanium S202 v0009 Download
Titanium S202 v0013 Download
Titanium S99 v019 Download
Titanium S12 Delite Download
A6 Turbo v8.0 Download
A6 Turbo v11.0 Download
A6 Turbo v14.0 Download
Titanium S22 v0006 Download
Titanium S5 Ultra v019059 Download
Titanium S5 Ultra v019065 Download
Titanium S310 Machone L116 Download
Aura v005 Download
Aura v1002N Download
A1 Champ v1002 Download
A8 Star v1006 Download
A81 v1.4 4GB Download
A109 v1003 Download
A109 v1007 Download
A109 v1011 Download
Titanium S11 v1005 Download
Alfa A92 Plus v06 Download
Titanium Moghul Download
Titanium S18 v1008 Download
Wind 4 Download
Quattro L52 VR v11 Download
Quattro L51 HD v07 Download